Affinity Zero News (2007)

New shows added! The Gig, Hollywood

We’re returning to Hollywood on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 for a show at The Gig. We’ll be on at 9:00 PM. $7 / 21+ over / tickets available via the band. We also are planning a Halloween show at Chris’s place. (TBA) We’re currently working on new material at the moment, expanding on our Affinity Zero sound.

Affinity Zero is on iTunes! All proceeds will go toward
recording of a new EP in 2008!

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Website has been completely redesigned. New photo gallery added and
all sections have been updated with current information. Special thanks to everyone
who bought our CD.

CD is now available for sale online at CD Baby.


Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to our show. We appreciate your continued support. Its a great feeling knowing that we are able to play in front of a full house. Thanks to all who also bought our CD debut! We hope you enjoy the songs as much as we have had in making the album. Another round of thanks to Dana for all the show promotion. 🙂 I’ve finished adding two videos from the show: Horse Latitudes and Waiting for You. The videos actually have decent audio fidelity, although we couldn’t hear our instruments on stage. I’m guessing they were tailoring the show for acoustic performers as opposed to rock bands. 😉


2 more weeks until our CD release show at the Hub on the 8th! We had a great show at Faces with a very energetic 1 hour set. Those cardio classes sure help.. haha j/k. Thanks to everyone who made our last minute show 😉 You rock


Two new shows have been booked! We are having a last minute show at Faces Riverside, CA. Cover is only $5. We play at 9:30 PM with bands playing all night untill 1am! Special thanks again to Sundial Project for the invite!

We also have our CD release show on Saturday, September 8th at The Hub in Colton, CA. We are also selling tickets to that show for $8 each (A $2 discount) CDs will be on sale on September 8th for $8.


The CDs have arrived. We are now planning our CD release show for August/September. Details coming soon! We are also giving out free
stickers with the CD. The initial response to the CD artwork has been great. Special thanks to Dana for taking all the photos!


Thanks to everyone who made our July 11, 2007 show. We had a great time meeting all the new people who made it to the show!


The artwork has been sent off to the CD duplication company. I made the final changes to the design last night with a new blue flame look to the CD design and final updates to the liner notes. The CD is moving along for an early August 2007 release date. We have a show Wednesday 7/11/07 at Lake Alice Trading Company.


Added 3 more songs to the CD, which is now at 12 songs! Our CD is scheduled for mastering in about a week, so we’re getting the final touches done on the songs. Its exciting that our initial EP project has grown into a full length CD project.


Thanks to everyone who made the show! We showcased two new songs for the show “Go Daddy Go” and “Consequences”.


We have a show next week on Saturday, April 28th at Angel’s Roadhouse in Yucaipa. We’re going to debut new songs and our new banner! We will be on stage around 9:30PM. Hope to see you there!


Affinity Zero is recording an EP in February/March. We’re currently in the studio working on new material so
stay tuned. Our new songs are sounding more punk these days, in the vein of Bad Religion and The Offspring.

We had a great time performing at Angel’s Roadhouse again! Our fans rock! A video of the show has been posted on YouTube.