Best Windows studio recording setup for $99

Best Windows studio recording setup for $99

Apr 03

Looking for an inexpensive studio setup for your Windows computer?

The Samson C01U USB microphone with Cakewalk Sonar LE bundle is currently $99 at Amazon. It includes the C01U Microphone, Cakewalk Sonar LE Software, Desktop Mic Stand, Mic Clip, and a 10 foot USB Cable. This is a really good value considering the recording software alone can cost a minimum of $48 (Windows). In this price range, there are only a few options for software such as Sony Acid Music Studio or the Pro Tools Recording Studio Make Music Now. Users with Apple computers can use Garage band for a recording setup, which is included with their computer.

Features of the $99 Samson C01U bundle with Cakewalk Sonar LE:

  • Sonar LE software. It handles up to 64 audio tracks and records in 24 bit. For effects expandability, one can download free VST plugins to add effects to their tracks. The best site for free VST plugins is KVR Audio.
  • Studio quality microphone.  Its a condenser mic, which is great for recording acoustic guitar and vocals with a lot of clarity
  • USB microphone for easy installation
  • Microphone stand is included
  • 10 ft cable

For more information, visit the product page of the Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser Microphone with Cakewalk Sonar LE on Amazon.

Recording Advice: Waves SSL Plugins

Recording Advice: Waves SSL Plugins

Oct 19

One of the best plugins out there is the Waves SSL Plugins. It recreates the Solid State Logic equipment to the T with a great sounding mixing board, compressor, and equalizer. Lots of well known bands have been recorded with this plugin including Muse.

The  SSL E-Channel is probably the most useful out of the group since it handles the EQ, compression, and high/low pass filters in one unit. The other plugins in the bundle are great for single channels. SSL-G Master Buss Compressor would help maximize the levels on a kick drum, bass guitar, or snare drum. SSL G-Equalizer is good for fine tweaking vocals or guitars. It looks like they recently added a fourth plugin to the bundle called the SSL G-Channel, which is the mix of both the SSL G-Equalizer and SSL G-Compressor.

These plugins would be great if you like the analog sound to your recordings in a ProTools environment.

Right now, there is a sale on the Waves SSL plugin for 40% off until October 31, 2010! This brings the bundle price down to $465.00, which is the lowest ever.